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Screen Printing San Diego / Promotional Power for the Real World.

We are Breakout Creative.  We want to tell your story.  There’s nothing we love more. It’s not what we do.  It’s who we are.  In other words, we are Promotional Power for the Real World.  We tell the real stories of real people in the real world.

We produce custom imprinted items with purpose and personality.  Not our purpose, but your purpose.  Not our personality, but your unique personality.  We’re here to help establish your identity.  For the real people in your world.

For over 15 years, we’ve been a proud member of the Screen Printing San Diego community.  While based here in San Diego, we’ve spent the last decade producing thousands of jobs for organizations all over the United States.  We’re ready to leverage all we’ve learned – to tell your story.  Wherever you are.

From small business to global brands, we’re comfortable in any industry.  Hundreds of schools, churches and non-profits choose us.  We are a custom provider of all things promotional, educational or informational.  From sports and entertainment to clubs and associations.  From food and beverage to events large or small, we’ve done it all.  Have a family reunion and need only 24 pieces?  We gotcha.  Need 10,000 shirts for your event in three weeks?  We’re on it.

We’ll deliver your message efficiently, on time and on budget.  If it’s Screen Printing San Diego or anywhere else in the US, we’re ready.  Our team is focused and dialed in.  At the same time, we are still learning everyday.  We seek out the best information available to continuously implement and improve.  We are continuously upgrading and developing our team.  We are obsessed with execution, efficiency, and exceeding expectations.

Whether it’s apparel, bags, drinkware, or promotional products, we produce the items that matter most for the people that matter most.   We’re here for you, your family, students, employees and customers alike.  Whoever is in your “tribe,” we can make sure they appreciate you even more than they already do.  Where do you think “word of mouth” advertising comes from, anyway?

As an ASI member (Advertising Specialty Institute), we regularly interact with a global network of designers and manufacturers capable of producing any item, anywhere in the world.  The Promotional Products Tab on our site is the most robust search engine ever created.  Give it a spin.  You’ll see that we are “locked and loaded” with the most diverse and vast database of promotional products the world over.

While our products may have caught your attention, we are in the people business first.  Our mission is to provide an unrivaled customer experience that is equal to our production.  Let our staff discover what is most important to you and execute on delivering your greatest expectations.  Together, we will collaborate to create useful items that impact the daily lives of the people in your community.

Breakout Creative looks like this: about 70% of our business is our own in house production.  When we say Screen Printing San Diego we’re talking about what we design and print in house.  But- we print for businesses everywhere in the US. Almost all of that is apparel.

The other 30% of our business is driven by promotional products.  We can help you acquire almost any promotional product anywhere in the world.

What is the real value of a promotional product?  Because the products are useful and appreciated by recipients, they are retained and used, repeating the imprinted message many times without added cost to the advertiser.  But the real “secret sauce” in harnessing a great ROI is leveraging the power of people.  Real people, in the Real world.

In its Promotional Product fact sheet, the PPAI (Promotional Product Association International) states that 89% of all people have received a promotional product in the last six months.  83% stated they are more likely to do business with that brand.  Moreover, 7 in 10 brands consider promotional products mostly or always effective in achieving marketing goals.  Most importantly, Promotional Products ranked #1 as the most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Custom imprinted Apparel and Promotional Products are used to fulfill almost any need.  Looking for Brand Recognition or Product Awareness?  Check.  Looking to expand Product Awareness or Public Relations and Goodwill?  We can help with that also.  Perhaps you’d like to Generate Sales, Referrals, or New Customer Acquisition?  We fit the bill.  How about Employee Communications & Recognition?  Let us show you some proven ideas.  Maybe you’re looking to Motivate Behaviors and Incentive Programs?  We’ve done that too.  What if you have a New Product to Introduce?  Organizations everywhere use our products to accomplish all these needs and many others as well.  In fact, custom imprinted Apparel and Promotional Products often succeed where no other form of advertising does.

Our people care.  Our team takes our mission seriously.  We can help you make an immaculate first impression and cultivate an impeccable reputation.  In our offices, we have created an acronym which we call C.A.R.E.  It stands for Commitment, Attention, Respect and Effort.  These are the cornerstones of our promise to you.  When you reach out to us, that is what you can expect.

Tell us your story and we will shout it from the rooftops.  Let’s make a difference.

Lastly, we’d like to thank our ever expanding community of schools, businesses, associations, clubs, leagues, non-profits, and everyone else.  We believe in the transformative power of people and every day you inspire us.  We resolve to continue to listen and learn from you every time we communicate.  We appreciate you joining us on our journey together.