How and Why Do I Need Vector Artwork?

Quick note before I begin: BreakOut can vectorize your artwork for $25.00, most of the time overnight. Contact us today.

To learn more about what vector artwork is, see Peter’s blog: What is Vector art or what does Vectorization mean? Meanwhile, I’ll go over the how’s and why you and us printers want it!

A lot of customers come to us with artwork that is a bit less than printable. Fixing this isn’t as bad as you would think! This quick blog will explain why vector artwork or high resolution artwork is important, and how to get your artwork fixed up for super cheap.

Why Vector?
Vector artwork isn’t like anything else. It’s practically the best, most usable style of artwork available to any printer. This is because vector can be considered more of a map, than anything. Vector artwork is typically made of shapes, and colors all mapped out by points. This allows the artwork to be shrunk or expanded as large as possible without losing any details in the artwork. Usually vector files end with this extension: EPS, AI, PDF – there are other styles, but these are the most popular.

Why Should I Bother Vectorizing My Art?
Simple. If you’re planning on using your logo for many purposes, then it’s going to be a good, and cheap investment. Banners, T-Shirts, Business Cards, Promo Products – all these items will benefit from your artwork being vector.

Why Do Printers Want Vector?
Printers like vector artwork because it simplifies the process, and allows your desired print to look better. Some printers, such as screen printers, take your artwork and separate each color to different screens. This means each color in your artwork needs to be easily found, and separated. If you have low resolution artwork, that makes the job extremely hard, and sometimes impossible.

How Can I Get My Artwork Made Into Vector Artwork?
For the most part, this is easy! We, at BreakOut Creative Company, can vectorize your artwork at an extremely reasonable price of $25 for each image. We can usually get your artwork back to you by the next day. Skip the headaches, and give us a call. :-) 1.888.Ink.On.You (1-888-465-6696)

I hope this helps anyone who has questions! Any more questions? Feel free to email on our website by contacting us.

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