Why Choose BreakOut?

I haven’t been asked this question just this bluntly, but I have been asked a lot of different questions that all come down to the same thing. Why should someone choose to do business with BreakOut vs. some other printer, embroider, or web designer?

There are a lot of ways to answer this question. I could bring up our competitive pricing or that we provide very high quality products. But I think the reason that a lot of people keep coming back to us time-after-time is our client services. I don’t mean that we answer the phone or get back to clients quickly (which we do), but I mean the people that work here. We have had our trials and tribulations going through some employees in a matter of weeks, but our current staff (who some have been here almost as long as the business has) really work well together. And every one of them really wants the business to do well. Not just because of a pay check, but because they take pride in the products we deliver.

And the interaction with clients is especially sweet. Lisa, Kristina, and Alex just have a special empathy with clients. And that is really what makes BreakOut different I think. It is the people-to-people experience, even if is sometimes just by e-mail or over the phone. I think anyone that works with our staff comes away believing that BreakOut truly is interested in providing the best product at a good price. And they should believe, because it is true. We have a philosophy that each client we work with and every project we complete isn’t just another job, but it is developing a long-term relationship with that client. We don’t look at it as us vs. the client, but that we are all working together as a team to get the optimal solution for the client at a fair and equitable price.

So while there are a lot of tangible reasons to work with BreakOut (price, quality, quick turn-around, etc.), a prime reason is the intangible benefit of knowing that you are working with people that really care about your project and you!

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