Price Matching

We know Price is Important! So Talk To Us if any of the below happens (or if you just want to ask us for information about pricing).

Did a legitimate commercial printer offer you a lower price?

Talk To Us

Did our price not fit into your budget?

Talk To Us

Was the price higher than you thought it would be?

Talk To Us

We are well known for producing extremely high quality products & services and for the fact that we have nearly 100% client satisfaction (90% of our new business is word-of-mouth from existing or past clients – check out some of our reviews). We also know our clients love that they can come into our shop between 10am and 5pm Monday through Friday to talk with our client services representatives or take a quick tour of the shop. People tell us they love the personal service we give as if they were our only client, and most clients are amazed that we normally respond to e-mails within a couple of hours, even on the weekends and nights.

But even with all that we also understand that price is always a very important concern of our clients, especially in these difficult economic times. So we just wanted to let you know that we make every effort to get you the right product, or provide the appropriate service, at a price that meets your requirements. So talk with us and let us know when you have a problem or concern.

We will make every effort to get you the best price we can and if a competitor gives you an official quote that is less than us, talk to us and see what we can do to match it. If your budget is tight and the price we gave you goes over your budget, talk to us and see what we can do to help you out. We’re you thinking that the cost of what you wanted was going to be less than the quote we gave you, talk to us and we can see what sort of prices are available to meet your needs.

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