There are lots of options when it comes to promoting your business, organization or group. To help, we will breifly discribe each style of printing, what they are, how they work, and the best way to take advantage of them…
Screen Printing [view page]
(24 piece minimum, lower cost, high quality)
Screen printing is a style of printing best used (in our case) for apparel, and fabric accessories such as totes. It’s a long lasting impression created by ink specially designed for apparel. Your design is split up into different colors and created on different screens, which act like stencils in the printing process. Screen printing has a minimum of 24 pieces because of it’s extensive setup time. You can see examples of screen printing in our video, or even in your local stores, as most logos on t-shirts are screen printed! You can order this product by using our T-Studio, or by contacting us.
Embroidery [view page]
(6 piece minimum, pro look, high quality)
Embroidery is a great way to express your image in a professional way. Embroidery uses sewn thread to create your design on any fabric-based item. Pricing depends on size of your logo (how many stitches to replicate it), the quantity of items you purchase and style of apparel or products you choose. Apparel, Bags, and more. Embroidery is widely used on items such as polos, or jackets or sweatshirts. Embroidery has a 6 piece minimum. Most logos must be digitized, which is the way we take your image and create into a file that is readable by embroidery machines. You can order Embroidery on our T-Studio or by contacting us.

Sign & Banners [view page]
(Vinyl, hardback, no minimum)
We have a very large variety of styles for banners and signs. From your average, high quality banner with grommets to specialized banner stands and devices. Size is not a problem. We’ve printed banners as small as a couple feet to banners as wide as 20 feet or more. Signs and banners are great for advertising on the side of a building, or for your sporting or special event. Contact us for more information.
Promotional Products [view page]
(Mugs, Pens and more)
Promotional products is wide variety of products you can have specially customized with your logo or text. Items such as mugs, pens, lanyards or even thumb drives. Every items has different minimums, so the best way to find what you’re looking for is using our online catalog or contacting us.
Paper Printing [view page]
(Brochures, business cards.)
Although the title speaks for itself, we have a large variety of different options when it comes to your paper printing needs. Everything from business cards, to door hangers to stickers. If it can be printed, most likely we can do it. Speak with us today to find out more and how to order.