How is the Price for Screen Printing Computed?

There are so many variables to figuring out the price for screen printing that this is one of the hardest things to do in our industry. We have tried to simplify this as much as possible for out clients by incorporating various components of the pricing calculation into larger groups…

How and Why Do I Need Vector Artwork?

Quick note before I begin: BreakOut can vectorize your artwork for $25.00, most of the time overnight. Contact us today.
To learn more about what vector artwork is, see Peter’s blog: What is Vector art or what does Vectorization mean? Meanwhile, I’ll go over the how’s and why you and…

Photoshop Tip | Create Print Ready Art

Here’a video to help instruct you on how to create print ready artwork on Adobe Photoshop.
For quick reference, we accept the following type of files:
- eps, ai, psd, jpg, bmp, tiff, tif, gif, cdr
- Must be in at least 300 DPI or Resolution
Questions this post may…

What makes a “cool” t-shirt?

Cool T-Shirt
Since I’ve started into the Screen Printing industry, I get asked a lot of questions regarding t-shirts. (Obviously) Sure, people want to know about pricing, and the differences between the brands and such. Those are the easy questions to answer. There’s only one question I have a hard time answering:…