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What is your budget for your project?

We need to know about how much you are willing to spend, so we know how much time we would need to put into your site.

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Most small sites can be done fairly quickly. Larger, multi-page sites with lots of function can take a little longer.

How much graphic assistance do you need?

Lots of custom graphics and images can make your site look very professional, but it is also takes a little more time to do so.

 Logo Design Custom Graphics Stock Images Photography

Is there a color scheme you would like us to stay in?

Give us an idea of colors that you like, or colors you completely dislike. This will help us create a pleasing color palette for you.

How involved do you plan to be with your site?

Are you planning on taking your online presence up a notch? Or do you plan on getting information up and leaving it there?

 Not very involved Annual updates Bi-Annual updates Monthly updates Weekly Updates Daily Updates

Who is your current webhost?

If you're website is already hosted, who is your service provider?

What platform or content managment software are you running?

We would like to know what platform you are familiar with so that we can build your site around that.

 Wordpress Joomla Drupal Magento Other None Unsure

What functionality would you like to have on your site?

While some people just need basic functions on a website, some may require more. Let us know what you need your site to do.

 Contact Form Blog Image Gallery Video Player Video Gallery Merchant Services Rotating Banner Comments Search Engine Optimization Other (specify in description below)

What do you like about your current site?

Give us an idea of things that your current site (or other websites) do well.

What do you NOT like about your current site?

Why do you want to redo your site? Is it the design or functionality thats outdated? Or what do you dislike about other websites that you see?

Briefly describe what you envision for your site?

The more you can tell us about what you want your site to be, the better estimate we can give you as far as time and cost go. Please include extra website functionality, website inspirations you would like us to look at, and any other information you may think would be helpful in creating this site.