The Best Screen Printing in San Diego | Brand Harmonization #56

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Are all your corporate communications consistent? Do you have multiple products or services? Brand Harmonization is the concept of ensuring that all products and services in a particular brand have a consistent name, visual identity and, ideally, positioning across a number of geographic or product/ service markets. In other words, everything you do across every distribution channel should look like it belongs to you. Everything should blend harmoniously. We are BREAKOUT CREATIVE. We help organizations everywhere blend all their marketing into a single identity that is uniquely their own. We also provide the Best Screen Printing in San Diego for organizations everywhere. Give us a call today at 858-513-1799!

Please allow me to tell you my own story. After managing a company selling advertising specialty products for over a decade, I struck out on my own in 2001 and started a company I called Axis Productions. As a promotional product distributor, I noticed swift changes in the markets I served. Demand began to accelerate for corporate apparel. Acting on this, I purchased a property and built a small screen printing shop. Over time, demand for custom printed apparel continued to rise. Unfortunately, our shop could not sufficiently produce what we sold.

In 2015, I purchased BREAKOUT CREATIVE. With the purchase came a fully functioning, state-of-the-art design studio and production facility. BREAKOUT CREATIVE’s specialty was serving local San Diego schools, churches, non-profits, and athletic leagues. They were the Best Screen Printing in San Diego that I could identify. My thought was, “we’ll just let them continue as they are, and I will add the additional brand of Axis Productions to the mix. It wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

This decision created confusion amongst the Axis and Breakout customers. Unforeseen problems arose. How do we answer the phones? Which brands are we promoting online? Who do customers make their checks out to? Which UPS account will we use for shipping? Who do our employees work for? Stubbornly, I wanted to hold on to the Axis name and brand. But eventually, I had to let it go.

Today, we exist as BREAKOUT CREATIVE exclusively. The new logo, packaging and design are consistent and harmonious. My Axis customers now know us as BREAKOUT CREATIVE. The BREAKOUT CREATIVE customers are no longer confused. The employees understand and are unified under one roof and under one organization. We still provide the Best Screen Printing in San Diego. Hopefully, by telling this story, others will understand the value of Brand Harmonization. Rest assured, it was a valuable but expensive lesson to be learned. Yet we are better now than ever because of it and have a great story to tell of how we learned it!