Find Best Screen Printing In San Diego / 4 Disciplines Development #85

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Are you looking to find best screen printing in San Diego for shipping anywhere in the U.S.? How do you choose? We are Breakout Creative. We’d love to help. Our website is Our reviews can bee seen at In this series aof articles we’ve been discussing “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney & Covey. Follow along here or if you have any questions give us a call at 858-513-1799!

There are four stages of development to 4DX. The first is Installation. In this phase, you narrow your focus to one or two WIGS (Wildly Important Goals), Identify your critical Lead Measures (activities that daily and weekly lead to predictably influence the WIG), create a scoreboard (the tool used to measure results) and schedule your weekly WIG session (meetings to account for results). This phase is essentially your introduction of 4DX to your team. It takes about 3 months to “get clear” on the system, the roles of the players, and the activities that best predict your future success.

The second phase is Adoption. In this phase, you adopt all the above and begin to implement the strategy. Here you develop the habits necessary to accomplish your short and medium goals that drive the lead measures. The most important thing in this phase is to demonstrate the ability to eliminate distractions, manage your daily “whirlwind” of activities, while at the same time account for very specific results. If you’re looking to find best screen printing in San Diego this is the process that demonstrates our ability to execute on our responsibilities and deliver your greatest expectations.

The third phase is Automation. In this phase you look for opportunities to automate behaviors and activities that give you the best ROI. There are five components to this phase. The first thing you do is specify each role for each player on the team. Then you make the WIG crystal clear and install clear weekly targets for its achievement. You document the lead measures for each player on a week to week basis. You enter weekly commitments for each player and document whether they were fulfilled. You install your lead measures, begin your WIG sessions and communicate your progress.

Lastly, there is the Optimization phase. By now, all the tools, processes and systems above will reveal inefficiencies and bottlenecks to progress. By consistently addressing your commitments you will be able to identify and address these issues. If you’d like to find best screen printing in San Diego these are the steps we follow to insure we exceed expectations and deliver results. Look at our Facebook and Instagram feeds for recent works. We’d love to hear from you at 858-513-1799!