Find Best Screen Printing In San Diego / Approval Process #82

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Do you have systems and processes in place that insure your customers satisfaction? We are Breakout Creative. If you’re looking to find best screen printing in San Diego we’d be happy to interview. For over a decade we’ve been producing impeccably imprinted jobs for clients all over the country. But, like anything else, screen printing itself isn’t rocket science. We feel our advantages lie in our ability to deeply understand the roles of each person on our team. Today we’ll be talking about the approval process.

Take a picture of this: somebody searches google using the term find best screen printing in San Diego. They find our website and generate an inquiry. The inquiry goes to our sales team for a needs analysis. The sales team determines what the customer is looking for and generates a quote. They email the quote (complete with colors, sizes, quantity and total investment) to the customer, and they ultimately approve. Then the quote becomes an order and goes to the design team. The design team creates a design proof, following the customers instructions. Now the quote has an Invoice and high-resolution art.

Once that is complete, the Invoice and the art go to our Approval department. Often times, the Invoice is approved online via email as our design team is first rate. However, there are other times where revisions need to be made. Unlike online companies that only function through email, we have able bodied, experienced people who speak with the customer about any and all revisions. We find this relieves the pressure of the decision-making process for the client. It also gives them a real live person with experience to bounce ideas off. Mostly, our Approval team is there to make the customer feel like their experience with us was enjoyable, thorough, and most of all, human. We are in the apparel business. At the end of the day, a human being will be wearing our work and represent our client. We want all our clients to feel 100% certain that their very best expectations will be met – before their job hits the press.

The approval process is part of what makes Breakout Creative special. Larger companies don’t always allocate their resources to spend valuable time helping clients make their very best decision. Smaller companies don’t always have the design experience to make necessary recommendations based on real-world experience. When someone searches to find best screen printing in San Diego, this is what they can expect of Breakout Creative – every time.

The approval process is the process of communicating one-on-one with clients to ensure that their vision is faithfully reproduced and impeccably printed. Our clients are busy doing what they do. They need someone to help them through the process and give them confidence in their own decision making. If you’d like to see real world examples of our work, check our Facebook and Instagram feeds. See our client reviews at Why not give us a call at 858-513-1799? We’d love to have you!