Find Best Screen Printing In San Diego / Design Process #82

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Are you searching to find best screen printing in San Diego? If you are, we are Breakout Creative. We’ve been a leader in the screen printing San Diego community for over a decade. Check our website at In this series of articles, we’ve been documenting our workflow processes and systems. Today we’ll talk a little about our design process. We won’t be speaking about the details itself, but how design fits in our workflow schedule and is used to communicate with the client. Please check back for the finer details of the design process later!

On of the things we at Breakout Creative are committed to is transparency. We want to be crystal clear with all our clients where their job is at every stage of development. Today we’re speaking of design. Remember: while we are designers ourselves, most of our customers come to us with their own logos already in place. It is our job to place their logo, very specifically, exactly where they want it. Our goal is to faithfully reproduce their work on our products. We add any additional imprint instructions and colors and email their design proofs exactly as they will be printed.

Sometimes clients have a change of heart midway through the process. “Can you switch the colors here?” Or, “I like it, but I think the logo should be 2 inches higher on the left chest and 1 inch lower on the back.” Revisions are a part of the business. Our only objective is to exceed the expectations of our clients. However, we also find that we’ll need to interject our opinion based on our expertise as well. One mistake we find many people make is over-designing their work. Occasionally, we need to help our clients make decisions that will make them happier n the long run. There is a fine line between offering our design expertise and doing exactly what the customer wants. We walk that line daily and each person and each job is unique. If you’re hoping to find best screen printing in San Diego, we’d like to apply for the job!

After the design proof process, the order is sent for approval. Once the client gives their blessing, production begins. Our designers then make what is called separations. Separations are films we develop that are then used to make the screens that produce the job. Each color gets its own film and its own screen. Each imprint location does as well.

This is a rather obvious over-simplification of our design process. This article isn’t so much about design than it is about how we use the designs to communicate with customers. All customers deserve to see high resolution artwork that delivers their message – on our products. All this happens with 100% transparency – before anything hits the presses. If you’re looking to find best screen printing in San Diego this is what you can expect of us – every time. For examples