Find Best Screen Printing In San Diego / Lead Measure Step 3 & 4 #77

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How would you attempt to Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego and what would your expectations be? We are Breakout Creative. We aim to be the most likely choice. We are working through “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey as way to achieve efficiency and excellence in our organization. Earlier, we talked about Discipline 1: Achieving the WIG (Wildly Important Goal). We are now talking about Discipline 2: Acting on Lead Measures. We’ve outlined Step 1 and 2 in defining the best Lead Measures. Today we’ll move to Step 3 &4. Follow along and while you’re at it, give us a call at 858-513-1799!

Step 3 is to test the top ideas. Here are the six criteria: Is it predictive? Ideal lead measures move the WIG. Is it influenceable? Ideal lead measures don’t require dependence on another team. Is it an ongoing process or a “one and done?” Look for behavior changes – not small outcomes. Is it a leader’s game or a team game? The behavior of the team must drive the lead measure. Can it be measured? Is it worth measuring? You must measure new behaviors and determine if the effort is impactful.

Step 4 is to define the Lead Measures. Answer the questions above as you put the lead measures in final form: Are we tracking team or individual performance? Are we tracking the lead measure daily or weekly? What is the Quantitative standard? What is the Qualitative standard? Does it start with a verb? Is it simple? Does it improve our process? Is it deliverable? When a client or prospect searches for Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego they will have questions and expectations. We ask all the tough questions about our own internal execution to better address the external questions that arise. All of this leads to our ability to exceed expectations.

Workflow processes create unique challenges and opportunities. Do we have the right process? Is it getting us results? Are we even following our process? Somewhere in every process there are leverage points. These are critical steps in the process where performance falters. If these leverage points become lead measures, the team can apply concentrated energy against them. 4DX gives a leader the ability to lock down the most critical points of a process and then move on to the next most critical points.

What kind of company is worthy of partnering with you? Are you searching Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego and not sure where to begin? I suggest beginning with our client reviews at I offer our recent works on out Facebook and Instagram feeds. Hopefully this series of articles demonstrates our approach to execution and efficiencies in our organization. Why not give us a call today at 858-513-1799?