Find Best Screen Printing In San Diego / Marketing Process #79

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If you’re searching to find best Screen Printing in San Diego we think you’d love us! We are Breakout Creative. We’ve been a leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community for over a decade. In this series of articles, we’ve been documenting our workflow processes and systems. Today we’d like to discuss our Marketing efforts. Please check our website at and see our client reviews at When you’re ready, give us a call at 858-513-1799!

The first step in our marketing process is ultra-targeted cold calling. We have identified our ideal buyer persona. Our ideal business client for outbound cold calling is a small family business. They are owner operators. They have fewer than 20 employees. They have less than 3 million in annual revenue. We have selected Automotive Repair shops as our ideal industry but also focus on Food & Beverage, Contractors, Tattoo Shops, Florists, and Pet Groomers.

The next thing we focus on is Content Marketing. We write 100 articles per month about our business, our industry and our process and attach these articles to pages on our website. These articles are “google friendly” in that they follow Google’s strict canonical compliance guidelines. We have targeted 4 search phrases that become our long tail keyword. These keywords are used in each article exactly 4 times. These articles are not strictly sales materials. We try to be revealing about what makes us special. If you’re looking to Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego we know we can help.

Our social strategy is consistent and continuous. The most important part for us is building our Google “My Business” listing and generating customer reviews. Our reviews can be seen here: We create and share videos of our recent and past work 5 times per week on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We try to make them enjoyable to watch. We set them to music and as our jobs scroll through. These videos are also catalogued and will be used on our website and a still in development YouTube page. They are free content and often do not have a specific call to action. We are currently engaging about 250 people per week and growing our social followers by about 1 percent per month.

If you’d like to Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego we are Breakout Creative. We’d like to compete for your attention. Check out our facebook page at See our videos of recent work and follow us on Instagram at @breakoutcreativecompany.
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