Find Best Screen Printing In San Diego / Outbound Marketing Process #79

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How do you generate interest for your small business? How do you generate ideal clients? We are Breakout Creative. We’d like to be the only logical choice for Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego and across the country. In this series of articles, we’ve been discussing our processes and systems for generating interest. Our Marketing consists of generating Inbound and Outbound leads. Today we’ll be discussing our Outbound lead generating process. If you’d like to know more, give us a call at 858-5136-1799!

In Marketing we’ve heard it said that “Your best customer is a customer that generates another customer.” Central to our theme is cold-calling our ideal customer that could potentially do three things: purchase from us, give us a referral, and leave us a 5-star google review. We’ve selected Automotive Repair shops as our ideal client. They have a need to outfit their staff. Their needs change with the seasons. We have a roster of products from apparel to promotional products that fit their needs. Orders are small, but simple and easy to execute. They often refer other clients to us. They are very likely to leave us a 5-star Google review. We love Automotive shops.

We purchase Automotive Repair Shop leads all the time. Included are Repair shops, Tire shops, Transmission Shops and Body shops. We approach them all the same way. We cold-call them and read our pre-scripted 30 second “Personal Commercial.” This communicates who we are and how we can help them. This is a very low pressure and courteous call. Our ideal client has an immediate need for our products but have no time to research and execute the purchase on their own. These folks appreciate us reaching out to them and fulfilling their need in a manner which ultimately saves them time and money by taking the decision “off their plate.” If you are searching Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego we’d love to help.

There are 4 steps to our sales process. The first step is finding a qualified prospect. A qualified prospect has three things: Interest, Money, and Authority to decide. The second step is presentation: giving our 30 second “Personal Commercial.” The third step is the offer: a reason to buy today. Since we research our ideal prospects so thoroughly, we’ve identified the perfect offer to make and quote – even on a cold call. The final step in the process is simple, but most people never do: ASK FOR THE ORDER! This is a brief overview of our outbound process.

We are Breakout Creative. If you are searching Find Best Screen Printing in San Diego or anywhere in the U.S., we’d like to volunteer for the position. See our website at Take a look at our client reviews at Look at our recent works at When you’re ready, give us a call at 858-513-1799!