Find Best Screen Printing In San Diego /Production Process #84

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Are you looking to find Best Screen Printing in San Diego or anywhere in California? We are Breakout Creative. We are one of the highest google rated screen printers in California. Our in-house production facility serves thousands of businesses throughout the United States! In this series of articles, we’re documenting our processes and systems for workflow production. Would you like to know more? Give us a call today at 858-513-1799!

So far, we’ve gone through our inbound and outbound tracking systems. We’ve outlined how our design process works. We’ve talked a bit about our approval process. All these systems show what stage every order is, and all of this is available to our customers online. Most importantly, we believe in transparency and communication. At Breakout Creative, all our customers are “in the loop.” Today we’ll discuss the basics of our production process.

Production begins with preparation. By the time an order is sent to production, the customer has “signed off” on precisely how their order is to look when it’s done. By now, the design team has printed separations. As we stated earlier, separations are films that show how each color will be displayed on the finished piece. Now the production team prepares those films to be developed, or burned, onto the screens that are the central tool in the term screen printing. If you might be interested to find best screen printing in San Diego we’d take the same care with your job.

Picture a room like a photography darkroom. The screens are coated with an emulsion and then placed on a light table where the image is burned onto the screen. The screens are then placed onto the screen printer. The garment or bag is loaded on a platen. The screen printer pushes the screen down onto the garment or bag and checks the image for perfect placement. Ink is then placed on top of the screen and the screen printer pushes the ink over the screen. The ink passes through the screen and onto the item. Then the item is placed on a conveyer dryer and passes through it. As it gets dry, the ink cures into the item. Once cured, the item goes back onto the press again – if there are more colors to be printed. If not, it is folded and packed.

That completes the basics of our workflow systems. From inbound or outbound sales to design process. From design process to approval process. From approval process to separations, burning the screens and then printing the job. We do it all in-house and keep you abreast of where your job sits every step of the way. If you’re looking to find best screen printing in San Diego, we’d love to offer our services. Check our recent work on Facebook or Instagram. Peek at our website at See all our 5-star google reviews at Why not give us a call today at 858-513-1799?