San Diego Screen Printing | LLP 2 Embroidery & Sublimation

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In the San Diego Screen Printing industry, there are constantly thousands of shirts being printed, many of them with different types, brands and styles of ink. When you search for San Diego Screen Printing, and see a long list of available printers in your area, how do you know if you’re getting the best print possible? In part 2 of our series of Long Lasting Prints, we’re going to go over sublimation and embroidery. What makes them different? What’s a better option for me? What the heck is sublimation? We’ll answer those questions and more!

We’ll start by discussing sublimation. In the San Diego Screen Printing world, there are a few shops that do in-house sublimation. You won’t find as many as Screen Printers, and here’s why: It’s limited in use, and works best only on certain types of material. A quick Google search tells us that Sublimation Printing is a full color, full coverage printing technique. Your art is printed on sheets of high-release paper and then transferred on apparel using a heat press. The dye converts to gas, which is where we get the word, sublimation. This means, less setup time, and full color transfers. Downside, it’s best applied to less porous fabrics, like 100% polyester mediums. You’ll see this process on a lot of bicycle riders apparel, and perhaps other products like pillow cases, or bags. On porous materials like cotton, the transfer is less opaque, and fades quickly.

The great thing about the San Diego Screen Printing industry is that a lot of these styles are available for you to chose from. At BreakOut, we offer almost every style of printing imaginable. Some we specialize in more than others. The heart and gold of BreakOut is our in-house screen printing facility, which has been in operation for over 12 years now, with well over 50 years combined experience in just printing alone. We’ll go over than in Part 3 of our 3 part series of Long Lasting Inks. For now, let’s look at embroidery.

Embroidery is an age old process that started by hand. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s basic function is to use thread to re-create a design on a piece of fabric. This process can be done with a lot more precision and much faster with technology available today. Your logo can be re-created on all types of apparel and products in the San Diego Screen Printing industry. Here’s how…

The process starts with the digital art. The higher, better quality the art is to begin with, the better. This is because the art is processed using software to determine where the thread will be sewn. This is called Digitizing your art. Instead of an embroidery machine just using a regular internet image file, the image is re-constructed into a map of thread that’s only readable by the embroidery machine itself. It lays down each stroke of the needle. The process of creating a digitized file is also one of practice and ingenuity. An experienced embroiderer knows what will look best, and will manipulate your logo or the software itself to produce a better looking result. Your apparel or product is then placed on a “hoop” which holds the impression area firm in place, and it’s placed on the machine to do it’s work. It’s best to embroider on items like thick cotton, or canvas like material. Jackets made of leather just don’t work. Also, super thin materials are a no go, as they tend to bunch up and cause “puckering”, which is a puffy distorted result.

If you’re interested in embroidery, we are happy to help! We’ve helped hundreds of clients look more professional using embroidery. Call us today at 858-513-1799 or visit us online at www.BreakOut.CO – We’re always on the hunt to make YOUR success, our success!