Screen Printing San Diego | Music In The 21st Century

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The music industry isn’t what it used to be. In the 21st Century, technology has evolved to such a point where the public has become accustomed to getting music for free. Bands these days must rely on other sources than music sales for their income. One of the main ways artists makes money is from their merchandise. Usually T-shirts and hoodies are big sellers for bands. Not only are they staples in American culture, they often sell for very high profit margins. This income stream is essential for all artists and bands. If you’re searching for Screen Printing San Diego, Breakout Creative Company knows all about the struggle musicians face. Most of the staff at Breakout Creative Company are musicians. We love helping musicians pursue their passions. If you’re looking for designers and printers that care deeply about music, call us today at 858-513-1799!

Throughout the year, Breakout Creative Company offers several promotional specials and contests for music artists and performing musicians everywhere. No matter where your band is located, Breakout Creative Company has very low shipping costs. We source globally. We print locally. We ship anywhere. While we are a proud member of the Screen Printing San Diego community, we’ve dealt with artists from every far-reaching corner of the country! Whether you’re an artist on the road touring or a producer working in a studio, we can absolutely help generate income – and get you noticed.

Our designers will work with you directly. We can modify or create an awesome logo design and ready it for print. You will always receive a proof design of your artwork via e-mail or text before we print. Need edits and revisions? No problem! We know how much your music means to you. We are equally passionate about our work. We will help you create merch that pops!

For the best quality Screen Printing San Diego, and even America, Call Breakout Creative Company now! If you are a solo musician or in a band, be sure to tell Breakout Creative Company what type of music you play. We will listen! It does matter! We care about what we create! From hip hop to heavy metal; from singer songwriter to indie alternative. We make merch that sells for musicians of all types.

Breakout is our name and Screen Printing San Diego is our game. We love what we do and supporting the arts is a priority for us. Our customer service is extraordinary. Our pricing is more than competitive. Our selection is diverse and from the highest quality, most reputable brands. But more than anything, our printing is impeccable. Call us today at 858-513-1799!