San Diego Screen Printing / In The Studio 2

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

There are literally, hundreds of art requests every month at BreakOut Creative Company, and likely thousands of people searching San Diego Screen Printing for the best place to have their artwork prepared for them. At BreakOut, we are constantly looking for solutions to not only speed up the art process, but also perfect our output as well. This means working with the best talent, and highly qualified art teams to tackle the daily art requests. Did you know that the BreakOut studio outputs as much as 500 proofs a month? This doesn’t include always include the bigger, more custom projects that are on the line at all times! Are you looking for custom art? Do you need assistance on preparing your art for printing?

We are constantly developing systems that ensure your requests are never “lost in the system”. These systems are shared with other art team members. When your invoice is created, you can watch the process from start to finish on your order status. When it says, “needs art”, this means your project is added to our art workspace and the department is on it! Your requests are worked on and emailed back to so you can instantly see the updates. Your invoice is always up to date with the newest version of your art, so you don’t have to worry about receiving duplicate emails, or dealing with the confusion of remembering which file was the last one you looked at. It also means, what you see, is what you get. Why not use the best San Diego Screen Printing service available?

Your art doesn’t stop once you give us the thumbs up. When we prepare your art, the print-ready version of your art is also saved on your invoice in the back-end. Although not view-able to you, it’s available to the guys who prepare your art for print. Using your proof as reference, separations are made for your job, and the film is handed off to the screen printing san diego department. These guys ALSO see what you see! Your invoice and proof are used as reference before printing to make sure what you see is what you get. They use the proof and invoice for image placement and correct product colors.

So if you’re searching San Diego Screen Printing and looking for the best, give us a call at 858-513-1799 or visit us online at www.BreakOut.CO. We are always happy to hear about your experiences with as too! Leave us a review at – You won’t find just a good printer at BreakOut, you’ll find a relationship with a professional small business to help you meet your goals!