Screen Printing San Diego / 4DX Automation #90

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Is Screen Printing San Diego on your radar? What would you look for in custom print shop? What would your ideal outcome be? We are Breakout Creative. We’d like to exceed your greatest expectations. We’ve been installing “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” in our company with the mission of becoming brilliant at execution and efficiency. So far, we’ve talked about the Installation and Adoption phases of 4DX. Today we’ll speak about the Automation phase of 4DX. If you’d like to know more, visit or give us a call at 858-513-1799.

Any automated system should fully capture the game you’ve built in 4DX. There are 5 major components of your 4DX game from any system. First, your team’s organizational structure and team members. Your WIG (Wildly Important Goal) and your “from x to y by when” lag measure must be clear and simple. Your lead measures and their daily performance standards must be documented. Your team’s commitments from last week, status on follow through, and commitments for next week must be transparent. Finally, At-A-Glance tracking of WIGs, Lead Measures, WIG Sessions, Huddles and commitments through regular communication is scheduled.

If 4DX is our operating system, our system, SMARTGRID, is our scoreboard. Each team member has their own daily accountability system to track the lead measures that drive the WIG. SMARTGRID is the document that governs our WIG Sessions and daily Huddles. Every team member can clearly see the WIG, their scoreboard, the scoreboards of every other team member, and the organization. These scoreboards track exactly where we are against the WIG, how much time is left, and exactly what is due on every given day. Looking for a Screen Printing San Diego partner that is accountable for their responsibilities, you’ll love us.

What 4DX and SMARTGRID provide us with is a roadmap to exceeding our client’s greatest expectations. These tools tell us where we are, where we should be, when we must arrive by, and what to do – today – that will get us there on time. Our WIG sessions and daily huddles are improving, and player’s roles are becoming more clearly defined. We are developing a regular rhythm of communication. Most importantly, we can identify, at-a-glance, how each team member is doing versus their WIG,and the highest value activities that insure achievement of the WIG.

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