Screen Printing San Diego / Before the Sun Comes Up #66

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

What does it take to be a leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community? What are you expecting from a potential partner? I’m writing this article at 5.40am on Wednesday April 18,2018. Why at 5.40am? Because I am a grinder. I am obsessed with reaching our goals and creating a devoted following. This is what it takes. Would you want a partner that embraces the grind with passion? Give us a call at 858-513-1799!

My production manager and myself, Chris de Jesus, we are the early shift at Breakout Creative. At 5 – 5.30am it’s still dark. Nobody is here. It’s our opportunity to just talk and set up our day. We call it Meta time. We’ve learned we’re much more effective when we quickly go over what happened the day before, run our numbers, and plan our production schedule for the day. It’s also a time where we can connect personally before the whirlwind of activity begins.

At 7am our shop guy George comes in and begins blasting the power washer, washing screens. He also stacks and folds the leftover jobs from yesterday and begins the chores necessary for order fulfillment for the day. At 8am Craig, our Automatic press guy, comes in. By the time he arrives, Eddie has setup all the jobs he will run on the press that day. This 3-man crew is responsible for 100% of Breakout Creative’s in-house production. Are you looking for a Screen Printing San Diego crew that values their responsibilities? These are your guys.

I’m Chris. I own the joint. It’s critical I spend the time with Eddie, Craig and George as they get going. I like to make sure we have our “game face” on and ready to tackle the day. Once that’s clear, I hit the phones. My day looks like this: I call my East Coast prospects from 6’7.30am, my Central Prospects from 7.30am-9. From 9-45 am I’m on Mountain time. This is my morning until the rest of the crew (Lisa in Sales, Eric the Creative Director and Chuck the GM) comes in. 2 times a week our other sales guy, Phil, comes in, as he works telecommuting. This is our crew.

At 10am we all meet every day. Tuesday is our long (60 minute) meeting. That meeting is devoted to our WIG (Wildly Important Goal). Every other day, we have a 10 minute “huddle” where we go over our loose ends, lower level activities that must be completed. We are constantly and consistently communicating where we stand versus our goals and discuss how we can help each other “clear the path” to get where we’re going. So, when you search for Screen Printing San Diego please check out See our reviews at We’ve helped thousands of organizations all over the country. We’d love to get to know you. Give us a call at 858-513-1799!