Screen Printing San Diego| C.A.R.E.

Why do so many struggle while others thrive? The Screen Printing San Diego community comes in all shapes and sizes. Some are beginner back alley garage printers, yet others are huge multi-million dollar facilities. Which is right for you? Customers needs vary greatly and oftentimes it’s difficult to discern which type of printer is best for your unique needs. We are Breakout and we aspire to be your one stop imprinting shop. To better introduce ourselves, we’ve created an acronym called C.A.R.E. It stands for Care, Attention, Respect, Effort. Hope you enjoy!

CARE. We care. We take care of each other, our customers and every job we’re privileged to have. First, we’ve crafted a small team of like minded individuals that are united, cohesive, and each with their own expertise. We like each other and work well together. But that alone is not enough. Our customers are our absolute priority. When you come to us, you become a member of our team while we’re working on your order. Once we’re done, you’re an extended member of our family.

ATTENTION. You deserve our undivided attention. We’re happy to give it. We realize your search for Screen Printing San Diego had dozens of other options, and we want to hear about how we can help you. From the moment you reach out to us, you’ll see pay extra close attention to how we can best serve you. While designing, every detail matters, and we will not rest until you are 100% certain that we’re delivering your message in the exact way you intended it to be. While in production, your order will have a dedicated team assigned to insure every print is impeccable and an exact reflection of you.

RESPECT. Whether you’re a grandmother looking to print something for your grandchildren or a Fortune 500 company making 10,000 prints for an event, every job is treated with the same respect. Every customer matters. We realize that when someone purchases a shirt from us, an actual human being will be wearing it. That shirt reflects the person who gave it to them. We take the responsibility of humanizing your brand very seriously.

EFFORT. Our team is devoted to giving you the best of each of us. We know that we are competing in a market that is over-saturated with other screen printers. Screen Printing San Diego companies that survive and thrive will have to be all in – giving every ounce of effort to completing your job perfectly, on time and within your budget. Let our team demonstrate how together, we can make a real difference. We believe in our willingness and ability to go the extra mile for you.

CARE – ATTENTION – RESPECT – EFFORT. These are the qualities we aspire to embody. Call us today!