Screen Printing San Diego / Discipline 1 #58

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Have you read “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey? We highly recommend it. In attempting to be the recognized leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community, we are always looking to evolve and grow. Like anything else, to be an excellent screen printing and graphic design agency, we must continue to “sharpen our saw” in the areas of efficiency, management and organization. If you want to partner with a “learning organization,” give BREAKOUT CREATIVE a call at 858-513-1799!

Today we will reinforce the concepts related to Discipline 1 – focusing on the WIG (Wildly Important Goal). Discipline 1 requires you to say no to a lot of good ideas. Steve Jobs said, “I’m most proud of not what we do – but what we don’t do.” Success is going to require your team to change their behavior: and they cannot change many behaviors at once – no matter how bad you want them to. McChesney and Covey say, “If you want high focus, high achieving team members, they must have something wildly important to focus on. In other words, if every other area of your operation remained at it’s current level, what is the one area where change would have the greatest impact?

There are 4 Rules in developing your WIG. #1 – No team focuses on more than 2 WIGS at a time. Focus is clarity. The key is to not overload any leader or team. #2 – The battles you choose must win the war. The lower level WIGS must ensure the success of the higher WIGS. #3 – Senior leaders can veto, but not dictate. Senior leaders define top level WIG, but performers define the WIG for their team. #4 – All WIGs must have a finish line. A WIG is not a strategy. It is a tactical goal with a finish line. Would you like to partner with someone in the Screen Printing San Diego community that is thorough in their approach to efficiency and excellence? If we think through our business this carefully, wait till you see how faithfully we develop your project!

When defining your WIGs, ask yourself: “Are they clear?” “How many are there?” “Are they measurable?” If they are, your WIGs will serve to organize the best of your energies and skills. The key is your team must embrace them in such a way that it will engage them. Is your team willing to accept your chosen WIGs? Will they be unwilling to postpone any of them? Will they intend to win? Because nothing motivates a team more than winning. When a team moves from a dozen or so we-really-hope-to goals to one or two no-matter-what goals, accountability and engagement soars.

Breakout Creative aims to be the recognized leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community. We are working through “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” in order to improve our organizational efficiency and better serve our customers. Come with us on our journey towards excellence! See our website at View our google reviews at See our recent works on facebook and Instagram. Give us a call today at 858-513-1799!