Screen Printing San Diego / Discipline 1 at Breakout #59
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Are you looking to partner with someone in the Screen Printing San Diego community that thinks deeply about their organization? How would a company like that approach your project? We are BREAKOUT CREATIVE. We are obsessed with improving our organizational efficiencies to better serve our clients. We’ve been working through the book “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey. In our last article we talked about Discipline 1 – Focusing on the Wildly Important Goal (WIG). Today we’ll begin to share our experiences and challenges. Hopefully this will shed some light to all our readers.

At Breakout Creative, we’re in a state of rapid change. In the last 3 years, we’ve grown @250%. We went from a team of 5 to a team of 9. We’ve launched a new website ( We are writing hundreds of content rich articles (like this) as part of our SEO plan. We added hundreds of new small business clients from across the United States. We implemented a new, comprehensive shop scheduling software package. We instituted a new CRM. We developed a new inbound lead tracking system. In short, we are a different company than the one we were in 2015.

While that seems like a lot of progress, growth has uncovered some areas where we were drastically underperforming. Our challenge is embracing our new customers and guiding them every step through our process. We now have an enormous amount of data, art, jobs, and clients who all deserve our undivided attention. These systems we’ve implemented are all helping us manage our data and process our orders. Systems run the business, but people run the systems. We have spent a lot of energy and money on implementing these systems, but now we must spend the same amount of energy on developing our people. In the end, our people will come to represent Screen Printing San Diego excellence.

As the business began to change, we lost a couple of our key players along the way. McChesney and Covey say implementing behavior change in an organization is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Some of our folks were happy with who we were and no longer felt like they fit in with who we were becoming. But we are passionate about organizational excellence and will not rest until our WIGs are delivered as promised, with excellence. At this moment, we are dealing with the challenge of needing to add to our team but will interview and hire very slowly until the perfect culture fit is found.

“The 4 Disciplines of Execution” is helping Breakout Creative become a more efficient organization. Already a leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community, we are obsessed with becoming the most effective and efficient company we can be. Along the way, we’ve developed systems that run the business. Now we’re better developing our people that run the systems. Along the way, we’ve managed employee turnover that behavior change often creates. See our website at Look at our google reviews at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our journey towards excellence. Give us a call today at 858-513-1799!