Screen Printing San Diego / Discipline 2 #60
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In their book “The 4 Disciplines of Execution,” McChesney and Covey outline 4 disciplines that radically transform businesses. These 4 disciplines are simple, repeatable and proven formulas for executing on your most strategic priorities. We’ve already outlined Discipline 1 – the WIG (Wildly Important Goal). Today We’ll begin with Discipline 2 – Act on Lead Measures. Maybe this will help you understand more of why BREAKOUT CREATIVE is uniquely qualified In the Screen Printing San Diego community.

Lead vs Lag Measures – what are they? Lag measures are measures in which the result has already happened. Good examples are revenue, accounts payable, inventory, accounts receivable etc. Many executives have spent their entire career focusing on s, even though they cannot affect them. Lead measures are the measures most connected with achieving the goal. They are predictable in that they tell you if you are likely to hit the goal. Lead measures are the high leverage actions you take to get the lag measures to move.

McChesney and Covey state that the second discipline is to apply disproportionate energy to the activities that drive lead measures. Discipline 2 requires you define the daily and weekly measures, the achievement of which will lead to the goal. They say to invest consistent energy into moving lead measures, and that understanding lead measures is one of the most important insights their book gives. Defining your lead measures, then selecting the activities will have the greatest impact on achieving your WIG: the 80/20 activities. What 20 percent of what you do has as much or more leverage on the WIG than the other 80 percent?

We are BREAKOUT CREATIVE. We are obsessed with providing the most enjoyable customer experience while providing outstanding production, leading to unsurpassed customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, we are adopting “The 4 Disciplines of Execution.” If you’re looking to partner with an organization obsessed with efficiency and customer satisfaction, see us at Even better, check our reviews at Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. The Screen Printing San Diego marketplace is crowded. But how many other screen printers are thinking this deeply about your absolute satisfaction? We are. Give us a call today at 858-513-1799!