Screen Printing San Diego / On the Front Lines

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

It’s another beautiful day for Screen Printing San Diego style. It’s a hot one, and I ended up turning on the air conditioning later in the day. I got in at 8:30 this morning. I’m the forth person here as usual. Chris, Eddy, and Craig were already busy on the job. Chris was cold calling companies back east to start with. Eddy and Craig had probably already cleaned and burned many screens to prepare for all the jobs today. Chuck came in later right in time for the huddle. Erick is off on Monday’s and Phil works from home. I’m supposed to be calling Phil in the a.m. Now, but since I haven’t reset my alarm time that didn’t happen. It’s fixed now, so tomorrow will be the start of that.

Phil did end up calling to check up on an order. We were waiting to hear from a customer on the polo style they wanted. The customer did decide and emailed me this morning, so I was able to make the final quote. Phil was then able to call and verify the order and get it moving along. I tackled my meta time, and looked at my incoming emails for the day. Monday is usually hopping with emails and calls, and today was no exception.

I answered emails, and called up my lead tracking calls I needed to make. Two quotes in the morning is not a bad deal, and those were both from cold calling on Friday. My second and third official new orders just from cold calls. This Screen Printing San Diego company is getting more and more local companies to print for, and we love it. I ended up making a lot of calls. It’s great to reach out to people and find out that sometimes, it’s just the right time. The owner has been thinking about ordering shirts soon, or the company they were using is not working out for them, or has even closed down and are out of business. We get the opportunity to become their new printer.

We have many orders on the lead tracking that are in progress right now. A lot of those are school orders. The customers check in early ahead of time to give me a heads up on the order, and to get on the printing schedule board. This is a good thing, since some are bigger orders for graduation, or end of the school or college year events. So, the customer checks in, then several weeks later, when they have all their information together, they let me know the artwork and the sizes, and we are ready to go.
It’s definitely a busy time of year. We have had some of these school accounts for going on 10 years and have some great relationships built up.

The rest of the day was spent in the back shop. We had plenty of orders printed that needed to be stacked, folded and boxed. One was for 400 shirts, so that really does take a while to separate the sizes and organize and lay the shirts out. Screen Printing San Diego companies and schools is getting bigger at this time of year for BreakOut. The guys printing in the back don’t have George to catch and stack right now, so at the end of everyday I am back there helping. I think there were 4 or 5 orders to get together, and 3 of those were customers picking up at the end of the day, so it really needed to get done. It’s a good break for me from being on the computer and phone all day, to stand and stretch out a bit. We are a smaller shop, so everyone working here ends up helping out in all areas and departments once in a while. It’s a good thing that we can all pitch in, and we are a good team together.