Screen Printing San Diego / On the Front Lines

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Today was a good day at our screen printing San Diego shop. I usually get here an hour before we open to get ready for the day. So, at 8am I came in and went for the coffee first thing. It’s a cold rainy day so pretty chilly in the office, so I turned on the heat ready for the rest of the crew. I’m usually here for my lunch break also, so I stored my lunch, and checked in with the rest of the team. That includes Phil, my sales team partner. A phone call to Mexico and a check on our customer lists gets us squared away.

I restarted my computer and bring up the sites I will need for the day. Then before I do anything else, I make a plan for the whole day, in about half hour to 1 hour blocks. I note down my target goals for the day and keep that in front of me all day. Then I block of time for emails, quotes, dials, customers, back shop. Also any special tasks that I want to get accomplished. By this time it is close to huddle time. The huddle really helps to set up the day ahead for all of us. We get to have a pep talk, and communicate anything that needs addressing to all departments. It helps get the kinks out ahead of time, and usually saves a lot of time trying to figure things out later.

First I check the incoming emails from customers. I had several today. Mostly about jobs that are already in the works, and one new customer today. UCSD sent me all the apparel, sizes and quantities for their big upcoming job for the Chemistry Department. They printed with us last year also, at the best screen printing San Diego shop around for sure. We will be printing hundreds of shirts with some Chemistry type designs and logos that were created by the college students. Also, some really nice soft shell jackets with embroidery on them. I worked to get the quote finished and sent today for approval! Apart from some later additions, it should be good to go for now, after an approval from the department bosses.

Today was a big day for quotes. Some ESS tanks, the UCSD (2 orders), a new embroidery order for a local company, and two quotes for Ricky G. Oh…and a summer camp that we need to ship to New York in the next few weeks! So I answered emails and worked on quotes for an hour or so. A couple of customers came in to pick up their orders, so I got to spend time with some of our awesome customers. Phones are always ringing also, so its never a quiet moment, which is just fine with me.

After my lunch break, I dedicated some time to cold calling. What do you know, the second call I made was a great conversation with a local electrical and solar company owner. He needs some polos and I caught him at just the right time. He will be coming in to our Screen Printing San Diego shop tomorrow midday to meet us and see the shop. He’ll be able to pick out just the polo he wants from our show room of samples, and get the order written up same day. That was about almost the only call that was responsive today, but thats ok. Tomorrow is another day.