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We all have a “tribe.” Throughout our lives, our associations change. Our sphere of influence changes. In my case, I began selling T Shirts for my school band to finance our concerts. After high school, I played in rock bands and sold T Shirts from the back of a van at our club dates. Later, I began teaching Martial Arts and sold T Shirts to the parents of the children I taught. Now I’ve come full circle, owning a Screen Printing San Diego company that creates T Shirts for the local high schools. Have you thought about creating a T Shirt for your “tribe?” I can help. Call BREAKOUT CREATIVE today at 858-513-1799!

America is a great melting pot of all sorts of “tribes.” We live in perhaps the most diverse place that has ever existed. This is the great experiment we call the USA. I’m most grateful I grew up in a place where so many different cultures exist and thrive. Each has its own unique flavors and tendencies. Together, we are a fabric that is most different from anywhere else in the world. We should all be more thankful for that. Moreover, we get to show our pride and identify our tribe in any way we choose.

One way we identify our tribe is with T Shirts. Whether you’re wearing a St Patty’s day T Shirt, a Cinco de Mayo T Shirt, a Breast Cancer Awareness T Shirt or an NFL T Shirt, what are you really doing? You’re identifying your tribe. You’re creating an association with other like-minded people and showing your pride in your affiliation. But it’s not limited to T Shirts. Go to any conference and see name badges and lanyards. Look at the “My child is an honor student at…” bumper stickers. Everywhere you go, everyone is identifying their tribe. Who is your tribe?

We are BREAKOUT CREATIVE. We can help you identify your tribe. As a proud leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community, we’ve been identifying tribes like yours for years. With a state of the art full service production facility, we print in house for all sorts of tribes. Whether you’re a school, church, small business or Fortune 500 company, we can produce an item that your tribe will proudly wear. Also, we are ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) members, which means we have access to a global network of manufacturers that can produce any unique item that is manufactured anywhere in the world!

We are lucky to live in a country where so many different cultures exist. Show your pride in your tribe! We want to tell your story. What would you like the rest of our society to know about you? We are BREAKOUT CREATIVE. We’ve been telling the stories of the people in our community for years. Whether it’s a T Shirt, Calendar, Coffee Mug, Hat or Pen, we source the globe for the absolute perfect product that tells the world who you are! If you’re looking for the very best Screen Printing San Diego producer, Check our website at See our many reviews at Tell us your story and we will shout it from the rooftops. Call us today at 858-513-1799!