Screen Printing San Diego / Installing Discipline 1 at Breakout Creative – #73

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Have you seen any of our previous articles on “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey? We’ve been documenting our journey of installing these disciplines and their processes. If you’re thinking of a Screen Printing San Diego partner, hopefully this will shed some light as to who we are and what we’re about. In the last article, we talked about the process of installing Discipline 1 – focusing on the WIG (Wildly Important Goal). In this article, we’ll share how we are implanting this discipline.

The concept of redirecting our teams to focus on one or two Wildly Important Goals has been both a revelation and a nightmare. How could I have gotten it so wrong all these years? Here I was, attempting to be the most effective executive, with dozens of hit lists and goals for every area of our organization. How would we begin the process of trimming our goals to one or 2, what would they be, and how would we engage the entire organization around them?

In our case, we chose Q2, 2018 as our time limit. In the past, I’ve heard a goal is a dream with a time limit. McChesney and Covey say that your WIG must have a beginning and an end. I’ve always believed that quarters (3-month blocks of time) are incredibly accurate measurements of time. Months are very short and, in our case, vary significantly with the seasons. Years are often too long. By the time you measure to adjust, too much time passes, and opportunities are lost. So, we’ve chosen Q2 2018 as our unit of measure, and we will track our progress against Q2 2017. Whether its Screen Printing San Diego or any other type of business, Quarters and Year-over-Year numbers are believed to be extremely accurate measurements.

After much soul searching, we’ve come to decide on our WIGS. First, they will be measured on Cash basis. In other words, based on monies received. Our 2 WIGS are: Total cash received, and # of Jobs Paid. Unifying our Sales, Design, and Production team around these goals has been a challenge. We’ve been studying “The 4 Disciplines” for 90 days now, and we are just beginning to “get clear.” But we are ready to begin with these two WIGS as our unifying source.

To continue to be a recognized leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community, our team has chosen “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” as our “field manual.” While we are at the beginning of our journey, the early results are promising. To date, we’ve received 108 5-Star Google Reviews, which can be seen here: Year-to-Date, we’ve grown 25% over 2017. But we have many miles to go before we achieve the excellence we are seeking. Follow us here or on Facebook or Instagram. Check our website at Feel free to reach out anytime at 858-513-1799! We’d love to hear from you.