Screen Printing San Diego / Installing Discipline 1 – #72

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Are you looking for a Screen Printing San Diego company that is obsessed with a disciplined approach to making your vision a reality? We are Breakout Creative. We are teaching our team the systems and processes of “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey. Why? We insist upon ourselves to provide an unrivaled customer experience that delivers impeccably printed products in the most efficient way possible. We are an organization that is always learning. Check our website at or our customer reviews at Follow us here or on Facebook or Instagram. Or give us a call anytime at 858-513-1799!

Previously, we outlined the 4 Disciplines and the 5 Stages of behavior change. Today we’ll be talking about installing Discipline 1 and what you can expect. As stated earlier, superb teams begin with selecting only one or 2 WIGS (Wildly Important Goal). Choosing the right WIGS is critical. McChesney and Covey say, “When you work on many goals you actually work on none of them.” Pick the goal and the timeframe it will be measured. Have a beginning and an end. Make certain your team is on board and fully engaged. Remember: no input, no commitment.

Step 1 begins with asking the right questions. “What one area of our performance do we want to improve most?” “What are the greatest strengths of our team that we want to leverage most?” “What are the areas of the team’s performance that most needs to be improved to achieve the WIG?” If you’re looking to partner with a Screen Printing San Diego company that asks itself the tough questions in order to continually improve, this is who we are.

You can choose the Top Down Approach (where the team leader imposes the WIGS without input from the team). Occasionally, the team may resist and have trouble taking ownership. The Bottom Up approach is where the WIGS are chosen by the team itself. Sometimes, this can lead to WIGS that do not significantly impact the organizational WIG and lack direction. Our company has chosen a combination: Top Down AND Bottom Up. Our leadership AND team. We decided that leadership is responsible for the WIG, but the team has active input.

The Screen Printing San Diego community is a crowded marketplace. There are many qualified printers. To be a recognized leader, we’ve turned to “The 4 Disciplines of Execution.” The results are take in shape in the form of customer google reviews ( But we are just beginning. Follow along here or on our website ( or on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t hesitate to call us at 858-513-1799!