Screen Printing San Diego/ Installing Discipline 2 at Breakout #76

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Would you prefer to work with a Screen Printing San Diego company focused on achieving your result in the most efficient way passible? We are Breakout Creative. We are installing “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey. Our mandate is total client devotion by raising our standards of execution. Check our website at and give us a call today at 858-513-1799!

We’re at the point of installing Discipline 2: Acting on Lead Measures. So far, we’ve chosen our organizational WIG (Wildly Important Goal) and our time limit (Q2, 2018). We’ve broken our company into the following teams: Sales, Administration, Design, and Production. Each have their own department WIGs. We meet daily for about 10 minutes and focus on the specific outcomes we are accountable for that day. These are the small outcomes we’ve talked about earlier. Each week, we meet at the same day and time to review last week’s outcomes, plan the next weeks outcomes, and discuss specific organizational and team leveraged behaviors to be installed.

We’ve created and follow a scoreboard, which tracks each team’s departmental WIGS against the ultimate result we’re trying to achieve, the organizational WIG. Progress is documented in 3 ways: against the target (WIG), Quarter to date vs last Quarter to date, and Month to Date vs last Month to date. The scoreboard tracks activities into the following categories: Incoming (leads that contact us via phone, email, etc.) and Outgoing (leads we initiate contact with through targeted cold calling). If you’re looking to partner with a Screen Printing San Diego company obsessed with measuring our own results, how do you think we’ll deliver on our promise to you?

We then break down these leads into 4 categories for measurement: Incoming New Accounts, Incoming Reorders, Outgoing New Accounts, and Outgoing Reorders. We track both the # of orders and the Total Revenue associated with each category. We then combine the total # of New Accounts vs Total # of Reorders to document our combined Total # of Orders and Total Revenue.

Installing lead measures has been a difficult and tricky task. We’ve got a great scoreboard for small outcomes and are making progress on the organizational WIG. For Lead measures, we’re focusing on how much time it takes an order to travel through each step of our process. We’ve instituted something called the 48-hour rule. We’ve got 5 steps: Quote, Design, Approval, Purchase, and Production. The goal is to move through each step in 48 hours. Follow along as we continue to document our journey. Check our reviews at . Check our recent works on Facebook and Instagram. Give us a call anytime at 858-513-1799!