Screen Printing San Diego/ Installing Discipline 2 – Lead Measures

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What kind of Screen Printing San Diego company do you want to partner with? What would your expectations be? We are Breakout Creative. To meet your greatest expectations, we are studying “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney & Covey. In previous articles we’ve outlined the 4 Disciplines and how we are installing them in our company. Today we’re talking about installing Discipline 2 – Act on Lead Measures.

McChesney & Covey say “Great teams invest their best effort in those few activities that have the most impact on the WIGs (Wildly Important Goals). They call it “The secret to execution.” Unlike lag measures, which tell you if you have achieved your goal, lead measures tell you if you are likely to achieve your goal. Great teams use lead measures to track those activities that have the highest impact on the WIG. Lead measures must be both predictive of achieving the WIG and influenceable by the team.

Acting on lead measures is essential to superb performance, but it is also the single most difficult aspect of installing 4DX. The reasons are that lead measures are counterintuitive. Most leaders track lad measures, which are results that have already happened. Lead measures are activities that foretell the future. Secondly, lead measures are hard to keep track of. They often track new behaviors, and behaviors are difficult to measure. Lastly, lead measures look too simple. They demand a precise focus on a certain behavior that might look insignificant (although it often isn’t). Are you looking for a Screen Printing San Diego company obsessed with lead measures? Try us.

There are two types of lead measures. Small outcomes are lead measures that focus the team on achieving a weekly result but give each team member latitude to choose their own methods of achieving it. Leveraged behaviors track the specific behaviors you want your team to perform throughout the week. With leveraged behaviors, the team is accountable for performing the behavior, rather than producing a result. So, small outcomes are focused on a specific result, and leveraged outcomes focus on improving and then trusting the process. Both are required to drive results.

Exceeding expectations is our mandate. At Breakout Creative, we are installing “The 4 Disciplines of Execution.” Our Wildly Important goal is total client devotion. The early results are promising. See our client reviews at Check our recent works on Facebook at or on Instagram @breakoutcreativecompany. Follow our journey here as we continue to pursue excellence. If you’re looking for a Screen Printing San Diego company that is always learning, give us a call at 858-513-1799 today!