Screen Printing San Diego / Our Journey #26

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Are you looking for real, local, Screen Printing San Diego experts? BREAKOUT CREATIVE is the culmination of over 50 years combined experience “in the trenches.” Whether you’re a school, church, league, team, non-profit, small business or Fortune 500 company, we can help. Here is a quick story detailing our journey and hopefully demonstrating why we’re uniquely qualified to meet your needs.

Once upon a time a young man named Erick created a screen printing shop. Erick was fascinated with how screen printing equipment was designed and built. First, he built his own machine, and later purchased another and began his journey learning everything about screen printing production. Along the way, he met an MBA with management and sales expertise and they joined forces and ultimately created a Screen Printing San Diego production facility. While serving mostly schools, non-profits, leagues, teams and clubs, they built a strong and reputable and strong local presence.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, a guy named Chris was a serial small business starter. Along the way, he devoured every bit of sales, management and small business literature he could find. Realizing his “sweet spot” was sales and management, be began “hitting the phones” developing a community of small businesses around the country. He began selling custom imprinted promotional products and apparel. Gradually, he built a stable of thousands of small businesses nationwide. Feeling the need to better control his orders and costs, he built his own production facility in San Diego serving these businesses nationwide.

Then Erick’s business began to change. His MBA sales and management partner decided to retire. While Erick is fantastic at production efficiency and expertise, the sales and management side of his business was retiring. Meanwhile, Chris realized that his expertise is sales and his production expertise was not growing at the rate his client base was. First Chris hires Erick’s company to handle a small piece of his production, which grew over time to all his apparel orders. Eventually, Erick and Chris found a way for each of them to do what they do best.

Today, BREAKOUT CREATIVE exists with the best of both worlds. With Erick’s expertise in Screen Printing San Diego and Chris’s experience in business development nationwide, we are a force to be reckoned with. Together, we’ve created a team of designers, printers, managers and customer service concierge working together to maximize value for our clients. Let our journey impact yours. Whether you’re a local school, church, non-profit or club, we can help. Maybe you’re a small business anywhere in the US looking to maximize value and decrease costs. Call BREAKOUT CREATIVE today at 858-513-1799.