Screen Printing San Diego / Stage 2 – Launching 4DX – #68

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Are you obsessed with customer devotion? We are. Are you looking to partner with a Screen Printing San Diego company that is committed to results? We are Breakout Creative. We’ve been working through the process of installing “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey. The Wildly Important Goal is to always exceed expectations. Follow us on our journey towards excellence and give us a call today at 858-513-1799!

Earlier we discussed Stage 1 in behavior change, “Getting Clear.” Today we’ll talk about Launching 4DX. This is when your team is at the starting line. This is when you install your WIG (Wildly Important Goal) and the scoreboard. But just as a rocket requires tremendous, highly focused energy to escape the earth’s gravity, the team needs intense involvement from the leader at this point of launch. Breakout Creative begins this journey as already the highest google rated Screen Printing San Diego company. As we grow into our roles, we expect to become the highest google rated screen printer in the nation!

Launching 4DX is not guaranteed to go smoothly. In our case, there was already a casualty. As we began getting clear and everybody’s results began to be published, it became increasingly evident who was performing – and who was not. Our Production Artist resigned. It was evident to the team he was drastically underperforming. Upon our launch, one of our shop workers has now resigned. So far, we’ve lost 2 people – out of 7, on our team. In the case of the production artist, our Creative Director jumped in and not only did we not skip a beat, but our results doubled. In the case of our shop worker, follow along as we share our story in the weeks ahead.

There are three types of responses (or people) to installing the 4DX process. First, you have your models (those who get on board), your potentials (those who struggle at first), and your resisters (those who don’t want to get on board). The launch phase requires focus and energy – especially from the leader. Implement and trust the process. Identify the models, potentials and resisters.

We are Breakout Creative and we’d like to audition for your attention. If you’re looking for a Screen Printing San Diego partner, take a long look at us. We are obsessed with customer devotion. To achieve this, we are working through “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” by McChesney and Covey. Our early results can be seen here in the words of our customers: You can see our recent works on Facebook and Instagram. Check our website at Call us for a free consultation at 858-513-1799!