Screen Printing San Diego / Identification for Your Clubs, Leagues, and Associations #28

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Are you on a team? Have you formed a club of any type? Have you ever thought of using apparel to mark Identification and build morale and spirit? It works. Proudly displaying your logo and/or team number is one of the best things any club or team can do. We are BREAKOUT CREATIVE. We are a leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community. We support teams and clubs of all shapes and sizes. Let us design a print your team or club gear and mark your place in the community! Call us today at 858-513-1799

Team and club membership is everywhere. Whether you’re a weekend warrior softball team or a chess club. Maybe you’re in the Filipino Small Business Association or the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps you’re on a Martial Arts competition team or the color guard or marching band at your school. Maybe you’re in a band that plays on the weekends. There are an infinite number of leagues, teams, clubs, or associations that identify themselves with Apparel. We have helped all the above spread the word about their club, team or association. We have a combined 50 + years in screen printing experience at your disposal.

If you peek at our website ( it should tell you everything you might want to know about us and our ability to impeccably print your job. Not convinced? Perhaps you can google BREAKOUT CREATIVE COMPANY in Poway and see our reviews. They are our social proof. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages and you’ll see samples of our work. The bottom line is we are ready, willing and able to support your club, team or association. We are uniquely qualified to do so. We source globally. We print locally. We support our community.

Why should you look at BREAKOUT CREATIVE? We love what we do and do it for folks like you. We’ve built a state of the art production facility in greater San Diego specifically designed to support our community endeavors. We have a team of experts that have designed, printed and produced logo wear for any type of team, club or association you can imagine. We are proud members of the Screen Printing San Diego community. Finally, we are patient and kind. We are simply here to serve you.

Leagues, teams, clubs and associations all use Apparel to spread the word. Breakout Creative supports people like you and would love to print your gear. Look at our website, social feeds and most importantly, our google reviews. We source the right gear around the world. We print locally. We support our community. We’d love to help build your community too!