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This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE.

You’re a small business owner. You’ve got a million things to do. You’re trying to make sales, manage cashflow, motivate employees, deal with vendors, and a hundred other things. Then, suddenly, a call comes in from a potential new customer who is asking about something that is not in your best interests to perform. This happened recently to us. A customer searched for Screen Printing San Diego looking to order 1 single shirt. It happens all the time. Please allow me to elaborate.

We train our team to be kind. We treat our incoming leads like future family members. In this case, a consumer searched Screen Printing San Diego with a simple request. He wanted to make a single shirt with the image of Dana Carvey on it. As screen printers, this is not something that is cost effective or profitable – for us or for the potential customer. Between the labor costs of creating the artwork, developing the film, burning the screen and printing the single shirt, it simply won’t work. Still, we want to be patient, kind and polite. Always.

Evidently, many do not agree. As the person began speaking, he’d already contacted a couple of other screen printers about his request. He was already frustrated. First, one of the potential printers simply stated, “we’re not interested” and hung up. The next one, according to this person, began berating him. Finally, they said they were “philosophically opposed” to printing a Dana Carvey shirt. By the time he reached us, he was already put off with how he was treated and somewhat perturbed. All he did was search Screen Printing San Diego for a request that was important to him. How dare he!!

Our Creative Director Erick Escamilla took the incoming call. The sad thing is, before the potential customer even expressed his wishes he felt the need to qualify and apologize after how he was treated by other companies. As a consumer, you should never feel embarrassed or ashamed for your request. Erick patiently explained why we weren’t the best fit for him to print one shirt. When he detailed the process required by screen printers to prep a job for printing, the potential customer completely understood. Erick referred him to 2 or 3 places that would serve him better, but took the time to have him understand and subsequently pointed him in the right direction.

Fast forward to 30 minutes later. At 10am our team has a 10-minute standing meeting we call a “huddle.” We outline our priorities for the day for each person and go over each job due for that day. Inevitably, the phone ALWAYS rings from a customer. When that happens, we stop our huddle and take the call. I answered the phone. After thinking about it for 30 minutes or so, the customer called back to thank us. He wanted me, the owner, to know how patient and kind Erick was and repeated to me how he was treated by the other shops he called. He asked if it would be OK to leave us a yelp or google review to detail his experience with us as opposed to the other shops he called. I thanked him for his call and told him we looked forward to speaking with him next time. He said he absolutely would use us in the future. All of this helped me remember a saying my old mentor would tech me: “Imagine what we could get done if we didn’t have these damn customers? Searching for Screen Printing San Diego? Try us today at 858-513-1799.