Screen Printing San Diego / NBA All Star Weekend #30

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Have you ever wondered “what could a shirt be worth?” “What is the maximum value of imprinted apparel?” It’s an interesting question. As a leader in the Screen Printing San Diego community, I’ve seen it all. Some things go “viral” while others do not. There are many reasons – some of it we will discuss. Want to know more? Check our site at or call us at 858-513-1799!

I spent the weekend at the NBA All Star game in Los Angeles. What an event! My sister is a VP of NBA Digital Properties, so it was good to go behind the scenes. I re-learned what I already knew. The NBA is of course a professional sports league. It’s also a multi-media powerhouse. It’s also a production company. The NBA spends millions of dollars promoting its brand. While all of this is true, the NBA, at it’s core, is a promotional merchandise company. The NBA makes enormous amounts of money on apparel.

While there, I saw a $18 basketball Jersey (Kobe Bryant) selling for $250. I saw a $3 T Shirt (Kevin Durant) selling for $120. And they were flying of the shelves of all the merchandise booths set up throughout the arena. The Staples Center merchandise store itself had a line that stretched out to the street and halfway down the block. Make no mistake – this was screen printed and embroidered apparel just like what we make for our customers. Furthermore, .50c Lanyards were selling for $25. Ballcaps that we regularly see for $3 selling for $50. You get the picture. Here’s the takeaway point: The NBA, one of the most powerful American sports leagues, does NOT give away apparel for free. It spends millions of dollars promoting and producing their events. All their events exist to sell apparel and merchandise – at the very peak price the marketplace will bear. Oftentimes, it is the same apparel and merchandise that our Screen Printing San Diego community prints locally.

Why should we care? I’m simply trying to prove a point. The sky is the limit as to what a product can be worth. Will we ever be able to create enough demand and awareness as a Kobe Bryant Jersey does? Probably not. But – we can start with a simple, yet effective design. We can attract the “influencers” of our neighborhood – if not national celebrities. We can create awareness in our town, if not on national network TV. We recently did business with an Auto Shop. He had a beautiful design and a successful shop. When we asked what the purpose of his purchase was, he said he was holding an event. The event was hands on “How to maintain your car” seminar – for women. It sold out. The buzz he created is still reverberating in his community. Plus, he sold a ton of apparel. We need not be a National Brand. Be the NBA of your block. Be the influencer of your neighborhood. You can do that.

The sky is the limit of what a product is worth. It IS possible that a local brand can go “viral.” Need a Screen Printing San Diego company that can help you design and produce your product locally? Try us – we are BREAKOUT CREATIVE and we can help. Call us today at 858-513-1799!