Screen Printing San Diego / The Balance of Price, Quality, and Service # 35

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE

Are you looking for the highest quality Screen Printing San Diego has to offer? Or are you looking for the lowest price? How does service enter the equation? A wise man once told me “I’ve never met a company that had the absolute HIGHEST quality AND the BEST service FOR the lowest price.” So, when looking for a design company to print your story, which would you be willing to give up? We are BREAKOUT CREATIVE. We’d love to print for you. Call us today at 858-513-1799!

Competition is as fierce as ever. In this new global economy, consumers have more power than ever. As modern information technology continues to impact more and more of our daily lives, consumers have a much better idea how to perceive and procure value – in exchange for their money. Google dominates the search marketplace. If you’re looking for a company that is currently the highest rated Screen Printing San Diego company, check out If customer opinions matter to you, you’ll take notice of how customers reviewed us.

Selection is another factor when researching Apparel and promotional products. As ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) members, BREAKOUT CREATIVE has the most robust roster of global manufacturers in the world. Moreover, if you look under the promotional products tab on our website, ( you’ll see we have access to over 500,000 items manufactured anywhere in the world. With us, your search options are only limited by your imagination! If selection is one of your search criteria, try BREAKOUT CREATIVE and search our engine first!

If you’ve checked our google reviews and looked through our search engine, you might ask yourself, “Why would these customers say such nice things about BREAKOUT CREATIVE? After all, screen printing is not that difficult.” “Why would BREAKOUT CREATIVE have such a better selection than the next guy?” The answer is experience. We have a combined 50 years’ experience in the far-reaching corners of the custom imprinting universe. When it comes to apparel, we have a state of the art in house production facility. When it comes to promotional products, we’ve serviced thousands of customers all over the country for close to 20 years!

The age-old dilemma consumers face when making their choices is price versus quality and service. I suggest checking our google reviews first. Look at our portfolio. Then, test drive our search engine of available products. In summary, we can offer the absolute highest quality and the best service. As for price, we’re not always the lowest, but always competitive. In choosing a design and print company to tell your story, which would you want to sacrifice? For a Screen Printing San Diego design and print powerhouse, try us today!