Screen Printing San Diego / In the Shop Trenches #1

This content was written for Breakout Creative

Are you looking a for Screen Printing San Diego shop to partner with? We can help. We are Breakout Creative. In the coming set of articles titled “In the Shop Trenches” we will share our day to day stories. It should help you understand a little bit more of who we are. Check our website at See our recent works and reviews at Give us a call today at 858-513-1799!

We have 3 presses in the shop. Two of them run full time now. The breakdown looks like this: The Automatic press and 2 Manual presses. I run the Automatic press. This press has up to 5 colors and 8 stations. The Auto Press runs the larger jobs, from about 48 pieces to hundreds. Sometimes, we get huge jobs in the thousands of shirts. The manual press is run by Eddie. He does the super custom jobs by hand. George is our trusty everything else guy. He cleans and preps all the screens for printing. He also catches the shirts as they come off the line. Together, we are responsible for 100% of Breakout Creative’s in-house production.

Eddie gets to the shop around 5am. He makes the daily master plan and sets the schedule for the day. Today was a Koozie (can cooler) day for me. We had 8 jobs ready to print. Since they average about 200 pieces, we print them on the Automatic. Eddie had 3 super cool multi-color jobs that came out great. George cleaned and prepped about 20 screens that we will use tomorrow. If you’re looking for pro Screen Printing San Diego company, we’re your guys. We’re a well-oiled team.

Lately, we’ve experienced some problems with our Koozies. The last batch of Neon colored Koozies we received from the manufacturer had issues. They came full of dust. When we began printing, we had to start cleaning each koozie by hand – or the dirt would print on the koozie and look terrible. It was a real pain and slowed us down significantly. Luckily, we didn’t have issues with this batch – but we’ll keep a close watch for a while until we know we’re back up to speed. Eddie had to print a custom job that we began the other day, but the phone # on the separation was wrong. We caught it in time but now it’s time to finish that job. Then he has 3 other jobs, mostly for Auto shops.

It was a great day in the shop. We finished the 10 jobs for a total of $2,450. We ended up finishing 39 jobs total this week, giving us a new record for 2018 so far. 39 will now become our new goal every week. That’s how we roll. Please check our site at See our reviews and portfolio at For recent work, see facebook: or Instagram @breakoutcreativecompany. If you’d like to partner with a Screen Printing San Diego company that is dedicated to impeccably printing your job on time and on budget, give us a call at 858-513-1799! Tell them Craig from the shop sent you. We’d love to have you! Peace out!