Screen Printing San Diego / In the Shop Trenches #11

This content was written for Breakout Creative

If you are in San Diego County and you need custom screen printed garments, wouldn’t you type in Screen Printing San Diego?  Screen Printing is an art, and in my opinion one of the coolest styles of art out there.  The reason being is because it combines the world of art and creativity with the worlds of business and marketing.  If this is where your head is at please take some time today to check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799!

When someone is interested in this field of work it is usually because they have a message to get out.  This message could be work related, community related, or simply personally related.  Some people have art of their own that they want to get out there but don’t want to carry a bunch of canvas’ around or show up on the side of buildings and start blowing up walls to get their message out.  What is a healthy, safe, and legal way to get your words, vision, and art out for the world to recognize and appreciate?  Walking billboards!  Which is essentially what a t shirt is.

This world today has been so overcome by the law and what is wright and what is wrong.  Graffiti is a huge part of the art culture and used to be appreciated by every person in the social hierarchy.  But now everything has become so cookie cutter that going into the streets and putting your vision out there is “not allowed” or “frowned upon” so us artists have to find a healthy and legal way to spread out message. 

I am not against going into the streets and still spreading your message the old school way but being a part of Screen Printing San Diego lately I have learned there are more civil and accepted ways to do that.  If anything there are a lot of positives to choosing screen printing over graffiti.  In the streets you only get one wall or one overpass, but with Breakout creative you could have 25-1,000 t shirts spreading the same message without any consequences.

Graffiti, canvas work, sculpture, music, theatre, etc.  All forms of art.  Some you have experienced and some you have not.  This article is out for all the artist out there.  If you haven’t explored the world of screen printing do some research and explore the world of opportunity…if you stumble across something you fancy please check out the absolute best Screen Printing San Diego has to offer, check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799!