Screen Printing San Diego / In the Shop Trenches #16

This content was written for Breakout Creative

Well, my day was rough dealing with Screen Printing San Diego, what about you? As we left off in the last ìIn the Trenchesî article C.A.R.E. (care, attention, respect, and effort), is what we live by. We were talking about how a growing business exceeds into a thriving business calling for many changes; with these changes in the company come changes in ourselves. With changes in ourselves come changes we sometimes are not expecting nor want to deal with. Please check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799!

To people that are looking for, or can use promotional power for either the real worldÖor simply just their own world. These word are music to the ears! So, what I wanted to talk about continuing from yesterday are the changes a growing company goes through and how it affects not only their growth but personal relationships with valued customers.

Breakout Creative has a customer that was extremely valuable in the upbringing of their success. This customer is a good person that brings consistent business. When a company is just starting that is not only valued but it is necessary. When someone is there for you when you are on the struggle you are extremely grateful, once they are not necessary to your path but they need youÖis it right to cut them? In my opinion the answer is no.
But in order to stay afloat and succeed in your designated path boundaries need to be drawn. That loyal customer that we have has always brought one color vests with simple t shirt jobs generally linking up with local construction companies. One colors, vests, reasonable t shirt jobsÖcool! We cut you a price break on consistency and family.

In order to consistently stay the best Screen Printing San Diego has to offer, changes need to be made as times progress. So, when a loyal lifelong type customer comes at sales with unreasonable, extremely time-consuming, difficult projects with deadlines. The company suffers for several reasons. We will get into these reasons on the next ìin the Trenches Article.î Please check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799! We are here to work with good people and flood the world with promotional power for the real world!