Screen Printing San Diego / In the Trenches #2

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Are you ever in a position that the only solution is Screen Printing San Diego? There are many options and avenues you can go down, but Breakout Creative will always be the most effective. Today is the first logged day of Breakout Creative’s “In the Trenches” series educating, informing and welcoming you into the world of custom apparel production. People often think it’s as simple as forming an idea and stamping it on a shirt, but as these articles will inform you…there is a lot of work that goes into each piece of clothing you put on every day. To get your feet wet check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799!

4am, our company owner and shop manager are up and on the grind preparing their day around the daily goal. The daily goal is different for each branch of the company basically to pull their weight and produce what is required of them. Each department is required to hit their daily goal in order for the company to stay afloat and move forward. My role is mainly to run an automatic press and keep it producing constantly throughout the day…if the press is moving we are making money! In order for this to happen proper preparation must take place. Production management has already game-planned what jobs need to be done for the success of the day and our customer’s satisfaction. He has double checked the artwork and transferred computer work to screens. Now, in order for management to prep my day the dirty work needs to be done. Everything from the days before must be cleaned, reclaimed, and prepped; if the part time shop helper is not in that is a duty in which I handle before jumping on press.

Screens are burnt and we meet to go over sequence of orders, color combinations, customer requests, screen placement, etc. Jobs are divided between the two presses in the shop (automatic and manual). Automatic printing produces more shirts faster but has a limit to the types of jobs printable. The manual can do anything but is more time consuming and hard on the body. Productions goal fluctuates depending on how many jobs are being printed daily/weekly/monthly. If we exceed our goal week after week out daily quota becomes smaller and vice versa. Currently our daily goal according to the scoreboard is 5 jobs per day, but in our eyes 6 or 7 is mandatory. Once screens are divided between automatic and manual its game time. Tape screens, block out pin holes, put our headphones in and put our heart into the artists that we are; this is why when you look for the Best Screen Printing San Diego has to offer you will always find us. The one thing I have learned that sticks out from all of my experience as a custom screen printer is, if you plan properly and foresee every potential curve ball the day might throw at you can battle the unforeseen with ease; increasing production and decreasing stress and compromised garments. While on press its simple production. Insert screens, line up art, drop ink, load squeegees and test print. Once the test print is out production management correlates it with the graphic design teams proof for a print approval. Today the automatic produced 3 jobs and the manual produced three jobs, as always the goal was met and the cycle starts again for tomorrow.

Today Production went smooth. Beginning of the day was 2-colors on white (white is always a step simpler because it does not require and under-base) and in addition to that the registration was not touching which made for a very simple set up and clean print. Following that was all one color fronts with one color backs using art that I had already reviewed on the computer the prior day while I was proofing. Only slight hick-up today was a proof not matching artwork which called for the production team to meet with graphics. The dialogue consisted of a missing website and all turned out for the best. We diagnosed an area we could improve on to avoid these questions in the future. I finished out the day starting a one color on white, asked if I needed to stay and complete it after my 8 hours; but, since we already met our goal I left to document what happened In The Trenches Today.

All in all today was another successful day in the shop. There is endless amounts of detail I could get into to educate you in the nitty gritty of t-shirt production but then I would literally never stop writing. We are promotional power for the real world and here to help make your dreams come true. At the end of the day it is not what we do…it is how we do it! What we do at Breakout Creative is the Best Screen Printing San Diego has to offer. So when you got an event coming up, or a name to get out there check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799!