Screen Printing San Diego / In the Shop Trenches #4

This content was written for Breakout Creative

Does Screen Printing San Diego ring a bell? It should if you own a business. Every company needs marketing and thatís what breakout creative has to offer. Every day we battle cold calling, production, deadlines, sales, and the rest of the competition. We are promotional power for the real world and its never about just what we doÖitís about how we do it! Please take some time today to check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799!

In the trenches today we were taking grenades left and right. Happy Friday started out with a phone call from out shop helper George saying that he will not be making it in for the second day in a row due to medical issues (honestly, medical issues that deserve to keep you home) which is not a big deal its just how he goes about it. It is very hard on the shop to find out our screen cleaner is not showing up that morning; give us a heads up the day before so we can plan accordingly.

Because George did not show up and we had no clean screens I had to put that on my agenda. I also had a deadline today for Coastal which was no walk in the park. The printing was generally easy but the fact that it was 3 different set ups, 3 different garments, all the navy shirts were 100% polyester, and of course they needed 14 vestsÖa whole set up including 2 screens for 12 vests! Whenever we print vests we have to change to the smaller pallets so that they will print properly taking up even more time.

I thought the close of the day was going to come as the hours clicked by but it honestly was like a never ending rollercoaster producing the best Screen Printing San Diego has to offer. I rocked out the 100% polyester tees and long sleeves first, but by the time I started setting up for the camo tees and long sleeves the deadline was upÖit was already 12. I met with Lisa and told her the situation that the order will hopefully be done by 1 instead of 12. Long story short the order got finished with perfection at 2 o clock instead of 12 but the product came out perfect!

Our goal today was compromised due to losing an employee and the breakout deadline short on screens. Me and Eddie are going to come up with a schedule that fits in screen cleaning to my daily tasks so we are organized and the goal doesnít get compromised like that again. Because we beat out goal every other day it makes up for what we fell short on today. Please keep the best Screen Printing San Diego has to offer in mind and check out our website, and give us a call at 858-513-1799!