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Every day at BreakOut Creative Company, we are creating and designing artwork for our customers. Sometimes artwork consists of just a few words on a shirt, while other art is completely created from scratch involving detailed work and time. In the screen printing san diego culture, we’re proud of how our brands look. San Diego is filled with tons of creative people with a lot of ideas. How does BreakOut make these ideas come to life? How is artwork prepared for customers and how do you better prepare yourself for the best printing possible? You can always call us at 858-513-1799, but meanwhile, here are a few ways we help at the BreakOut studio!

When you’re interesting in placing an order with us, you can call us at 858-513-1799 or visit us online at www.BreakOut.CO. Feel free to browse the site, visit our catalog of apparel or see the most robust promotional product search engine in the world! After you’ve contacted us, we can supply you with pricing. Upon confirmation of your interest, the artwork process begins almost immediately. If you have your own design, you’re more than welcome to send it our way!

Although we can make almost anything work, for the best results possible, we recommend you send us a high resolution jpg, pdf, ai or eps file. If you have questions, feel free to ask! If you don’t have artwork prepared, that’s not a problem. We’ve worked with as little as a drawing on a napkin. We don’t expect everyone who searches the Screen Printing San Diego industry to have their artwork prepared. That’s why we have a team of designers who can take your idea and make it into a reality.

BreakOut Creative employs a team of artists to help make your artwork vision come true. Working together means quicker turnaround, and higher quality results. You won’t find that type of service in screen printing San Diego very often! These designers literally work around the clock, creating custom art and proofs for t-shirts, hoodies, polos, business cards, oil change stickers ñthe list goes on and on!

Our goal is to be Screen Printing San Diego from top to bottom! So remember, if you have an idea, but are not sure what the next step may be, give us a call at 858-513-1799 or visit us online at www.BreakOut.CO. And if you’d like to speak out about our customer service and products, leave us a review at BreakOut is your one stop shop, and we’re here to help you from idea to finished product!