Screen Printing San Diego / Cold Calling in the Screen Printing Industry

This content was written for BREAKOUT CREATIVE.

How do you create leads and future customers for your business? In this new world of digital marketing, direct response advertising and social media, how do you create customers and keep them for life? I’ve read that all this technology has adversely affected our abilities to relate to each other as human beings. Is new media necessary? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, people do business with people. When searching for Screen Printing San Diego try BREAKOUT CREATIVE at 858-513-1799. We are real people in the real world doing business with real people in the real world.

How do we practice our ability to relate to people? We do it through extremely targeted cold calling. In a world where people go to great lengths to avoid human connections, we strive to create them. I’ve also read that public speaking is one of the deepest fears most people have. Moreover, reaching out and initiating new relationships is also quite intimidating. When I tell people that I make roughly 150 cold calls per day, most are aghast and terrified. “Why do you do that? That’s the hardest thing in the world!” Many have tried to convince me that cold calling is dead. I pronounce it alive and well.

I can’t even begin to tell you about the life-long business relationships we have cultivated through cold calling. What does cold calling provide? For one, get ready for tons of rejection. Count on it. But – once you develop a “callous on your soul,” cold calling reaches some people that all other forms of marketing ignore. BREAKOUT CREATIVE has generated more lifetime customers through cold calling than all other forms of marketing combined! What’s even better, cold calling polishes your relationship building skills, enhances inter-personal communication skills, and develops listening skills better than anything else.

Take a picture of this: many people need screen printing for all sorts of reasons. But we live in a busy and noisy world. Out of all the people who really need screen printing, how many ever get around to searching Screen Printing San Diego? While juggling many things at the same time, our screen printing needs often get overlooked. But cold calling can reach these people, relieve the burden of finding the time to “get around to it,” and provide them a solution for their needs while saving them precious time. In BREAKOUT CREATIVE’S case, save them money as well.

In summary, human beings still crave human interaction. In a world governed by advanced algorithms, try reaching out to your target market directly. Hone your presentation skills. Develop better inter personal skills. Develop good listening skills. Cold calling does all that while reaching people who have a need for your product but never quite have the time to find you. While all that is true, when you search Screen Printing San Diego we’d love for you to find us! When you do, you’ll find people that really appreciate the opportunity to serve you. You’ll find a team dedicated to achieving your goals. Why not try us today? Call BREAKOUT CREATIVE at 858-513-1799. We’d love to help.